Start Packing! After Shows & Dining

Passionate? You must! We continue our annual cruise ritual. It’s time to pack your bag. There is no time to waste and we have a time schedule ….. no late arrivals, remember. Try to limit your bags …. our car is full but we will crush you and your bag. You may look like a flat pancake on arrival but at least, you will be at our party. What?? What?? I can hear you. Do you want to know where we are going? Of course you do. Hint: ….. Central America. Have you found the answer? Yep … Panama Canal. I know, I know … You’re right …. we’ve been here before. And …. we took the same Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship … and stopped at most of the same harbor. Deja Vu ….. except, hopefully and pray I am not sick this time. Remember that terrible ordeal? I stayed in their beautiful bed, very comfortable, beautiful for days and missed food and harbor. You must remember all the suffering I experienced. You will remember that we actually bought a Princess Luxury bed (which I lived with lethargic for days and nights) after the cruise and is currently sleeping in it in our RV home. Oooooooo- everything’s fine! I
Go through the Panama Canal Go through the Panama Canal
Passing through the Panama Canal
wish I could see and do what I missed 2 years ago. One of our trips on this cruise will take us with an old train through a banana plantation. Passionate? We also! Now combine all this with the fact that 4 other couples from Tropical Palms joined Sam & Sandy and us on this cruise. Yay! The more the merrier. Friendship, fun and excitement will become our routine in this beautiful and floating city. Hip-Hip-Hooray! Embarkation to this large ship is this Thursday, January 23. We will return to Port Lauderdale on February 2 with many happy memories to share. Passionate? You betcha! The big (but beautiful) head Lulu sends his stand-in … the real “Lulu Kecil”. You’ve met him before on another cruise ship. The big (but beautiful) head of Lulu was afraid the authorities would question her appearance so instead of making a fuss, she just asked her friend, Lulu Kecil, to fill in for her. They make a great team regardless of their size differences. Suggestion: pack now!

We don’t let Florida’s so-called “grass” grow too high under our feet.

We found our way back to the large Webster Flea Market. That’s good enough. Warm enough with lots of people. Sam had a successful day finding a unique and antique golf watering can to use in his cannon creations. There is no additional space in our mobile home so our purchases are minimal and teenagers. See our friends, Jim & Linda, selling at their booth in one of the pavilions on the West Side: The Best Side. Glad to see them again. Do not linger when they are busy at their booth. Cory likes large Russian fur hats. He used to have one and almost bought this one. But … hey, we’re in Florida … Sunshine State. Hot weather and sweat. Not too fast, Guenter, this week we are in winter … cold temperatures are right above us but with the cold wind factor, it feels like the tundra in our area. Brrrrrr. Bring a big hat and run away! Lulu definitely likes it! His hair was so short that his head went cold … he would become a really hot head with that hat … and it would stand out too.

With my Fitbit walking sideways, the four of us boarded our black train and drove to the annual Florida RV Supershow in Tampa. With a limited time window available, we went on the first day …. Senior Day. Crazy busy and crowded. Every parent in Florida is here plus regular attendees. Lulu was almost overcome with claustrophobia … of course she was stuck in her bag most of the time. This event is another example of deja vu. Everything is the same and is in the same place. We drool through extreme multi-million dollar RVs. Some allow you to walk if you take off your shoes. Others have portable stands in front of them so you can drool and be amazed through the windshield. Serious buyers are the only people who are allowed to enter. Clearly, we remain outside. We climbed mega miles to see Tiffin RV (our brand) new. Good …. very good but we are still satisfied with what we have. However, we will not buy anything else at this stage of our lives. What it is … is.

Surprise surprise! Look who we found on the ground that was ravaged a lot. Our friends, Mike & MJ and their daughter, Stacy. Find out what! Always nice to see