In mid-May 2019, I was invited to play ATV Bali Beach by Paddy Adventure Bali. Incidentally one of the owners is my brother named Ronald. I used to call him Mas Rony. While waiting to be picked up by Mas Rony, I first jogged along the lines of Seminyak Beach and Double Six Beach. Around 9 am, finally a pickup car from Paddy Adventure to the front of the hotel where I stay in the Seminyak area. The trip to Tabanan from Seminyak itself takes around less than 2 hours. During the trip, we passed through rice fields and traditional villages. Bali’s beautiful and calm natural atmosphere reminds me of the Ubud area. The difference is, in Ubud the natural conditions have been cultivated and development is more developed. Whereas in Tabanan, the landscape of the land is still very natural and development is not as fast as in the area of ​​Ubud.

Tabanan landscape
Around 10 o’clock, we arrive at Paddy Adventure base camp located on the hill. This building consists of 3 main masses, where each mass of the building must be reached by climbing the steps of the stairs. The first is the recipient building where there is an open space that functions as a lobby, as well as a registration room. After filling out the registration form, I go up to the top of the base camp. The second building mass is the restaurant area. Here I was treated to a welcome drink of fresh orange ice while waiting for my turn to ride an ATV. After the turn, I was accompanied by Mas Rony to the ATV area.

In this ATV area there is a locker for storing personal items and bathrooms. Once finished wearing boots and storing items in the locker, Mas and Rony immediately chose which ATV vehicle we would ride. Before plunging into the adventure route, I practice first to get used to the vehicle that I choose. Besides Mas Rony, I will walk along with a large pair of Russian tourists, and two members of the Bali Land Rover. Most of the ATV lanes that we will pass are rice fields which are quite extensive and hilly areas. The first track we passed was in the form of mud and large enough stones at the bottom. This ATV engine does not have power steering, so it must use energy from the entire body to control it. After the muddy area, the road directly goes downhill and we arrive at the asphalt area.

The initial track is quite relaxed, by passing the concrete track in the middle of the rice fields belonging to local residents. The beautiful landscape of Tabanan makes us occasionally stop for photographs. At first I felt uncomfortable with local residents who often met us, this was due to the sound of the ATV engine which was rather noisy. Actually the sound is normal, but because in the paddy field the natural atmosphere is quite calm so it still seems noisy. But not according to my estimates, it turns out the surrounding population is quite friendly. My brother said, the Paddy Adventure guides themselves were local residents too.

Rice field atmosphere in Tabanan

 After passing through the rice fields, the road starts to get steep and muddy. One of them is the road decreases where after reaching below we have to turn right to the right. The condition of the land is quite slippery due to the mud caused by heavy rain throughout the night. Most novice riders don’t want to continue once they see this field. Some even want to jump when an ATV is sliding down. The trick when facing a steep terrain is that we cannot rotate the gas. Simply glide following gravity, and control the ATV with our body weight. Once you get to the bottom, we immediately turn to the right and immediately step on the gas. Not bad enough to trigger adrenaline … In addition, we also pass through a ditch that has a water level up to our knees when we stand in it. Here we don’t need to step on the gas too deep, just second gear and move slowly. The bottom of the trench which is a rock also helps traction on ATV tires.

  After circling the terrain which is quite heavy for 1 hour, we rest in the hilly area. Fresh rural air and a quiet atmosphere is really right for refreshing, far from the heat of the city. While resting, Mas Rony also talked a lot about Paddy Adventure, ATV machines used, and maintenance. Not infrequently the driver who most beginners often fall, even desperate to jump. Aside from being dangerous to the driver itself, this certainly causes the ATV to experience considerable damage. Overall, the selected track is indeed very challenging. Especially in the trench area where the water flow is quite heavy and the weight of ATV is around 300 kg which we must control. But that’s where the adrenaline drives us.

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