Life Underground

When we drive along the Stuart Highway to Coober Pedy, we are always amazed at the changing landscape. Silly me, I forget the gadget that downloads my big camera photos to my iPad so I have to post them later.

I have booked us into the Cave Observation Underground Motel. Our room was fantastic but too modern to give us an appreciation of what it really was like living underground. The fan must be 24/7 to circulate the air and keep the room cool because it is constant 25 degrees underground. I was a little worried when every morning there would be chips from the wall on the floor and bed. Unfortunately we did not find opals.

We toured our first day mail run. The tour is run by a local man named Peter who is an Australian Post Contractor who sends letters to Oodnadatta and Willian Creek as well as remote livestock stations including the words ‘largest Anna Creek Station’ that crosses the longest man-made structure in the world, Dingo fence. The tour also includes stopping to see the old Ghan Railroad relics. I was amazed at the Algebuckina Bridge. This bridge was built by our room
in the 1800s and still stands today. All wood beds have not survived but are still enough to impress. It’s nice to stop at various properties that send letters, chat with owners and workers. Even farm dogs like extra attention.


After sleeping well we decided to look around the city and check out the local scenery. There are a number of film props around the city and the easiest to find is a starship from Pitch Black. We examined the Catacomb Underground Church and cemetery. The highlight is watching Joey feed at Josephine’s Gallery and Kangaroo Orphanage. I was lucky enough to feed one of the older kangaroos and received a kiss from Joey who was very loving. The orphanage is run by volunteers and survivors with donations. They had just received a small Joey that day found in his mother’s bag that had been killed by several tourists. While we were in town we saw several tour buses and realized that they were from Ghan … it would be us in a few weeks.