Deception Pass State Park

Yesterday was our last day at Whidbey. We made a short trip to the Fraud State Park for hiking. This is a nice park with several winding paths along the coast. Beautiful scenery Images speak for themselves.

Whidbey Naval Air Station is a joy to visit. The RV park is one of the best we have ever used. Right on the water and very clean and well maintained. That is the experience of being around this part of the Navy again. Whidbey now has several P3 squadrons and several new P8 squadrons. It also has some new EP3 and F / A 18 Growler. We flew a lot here in the 60s and 70s to take torpedoes and do mining exercises. At that time the post was small and was home to several P2 squadrons. There isn’t much activity. Now it’s busy all the time and lots of traffic. The Navy has changed a lot since I retired in 1994. All sailors are now wearing camouflage uniforms and I can’t say how many people. I go to the head club which is only open 4 days a week. Two camouflage people are
sit at the bar. I don’t even know whether they are tribal chiefs. They looked at me as if I was a bully. I want to tell them that I retired as a Senior Head before they even joined as an E1 pilot. Instead I walked in disgust. That’s not my Navy anymore. I think that’s what happened with age.

Today we drive from Whidbey to Lincoln City Oregon. Easy drive with lots of traffic most of the way. KOA RV Park is good, but not compared to Whidbey. Tomorrow we will go to McMinnville to see the Spruce Goose. After that we plan to visit several major wineries in this area.

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