Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Glencoe and puppies

Today our trip to the edge of Bonnie Bonnie on Loch Lomond begins with an unusual sight, the sun. This is the first morning where old Sol decides to bless us with his presence. Great Scottish green under a clear sky.

A word about the Tour Director. Imaging does work where you act as a mother to 30 people you have never met, all of whom have ideas about travel, food, holidays, accommodation, and needs. Also imagine, that you are on call 24 hours a day, must plan activities every day, and make sure everyone is safe, happy, and on time. This is only a small concept from the Tour Director’s work. No matter what tour company you use, the Tour Director is very important for quality and enjoying your tour.

To add insult to injury, Tour Directors were not properly compensated for the amount of work they did mainly because they were very important for the success of the tour experience. They are expected to be experienced in history, archeology, culinary expertise, safety, culture and various other skills. They also work 14, 20 or 24 consecutive days without holidays. They must prepare their own talks about the tour and make all arrangements for dinner, optional and everything that makes the tour successful. Not everyone can be a tour director, so, for those, like Tom, who do extraordinary work, they deserve special thanks and make sure you tell them how much you appreciate their hard work and make sure you value them with your tip, they really rely on this percent.

Our first stop is Loch Lomond. We left the luxury of our coach and took a private ferry to tour the lake for 45 minutes. One must have a direct relationship with the gods of the weather, because when the coach rains, when we go down it stops, when we return to the coach it rains again. So for the gods, “Thank you.”

The cruise revolves around the important part of the loch. Along the way our captain, Stewart, showed historic and beautiful places of interest. We also learned that the prefix INVER means on the river, so Inverness means the city on the river Ness. It’s good to know when we travel around Scotland. The beauty of the lake, coupled with the majesty of the storm clouds, is made for some extraordinary photos. Once again it rained when we were on the ship. Now, we go to the next stop, go north to Glencoe.

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